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Packing for Your Removal Day
04 November 2014
Packing for Your Removal Day
It sometimes seems that there are endless things to think about when moving homes. One of the most important aspects of making a successful move is in the packing stage. It would be a complete waste of time just loading a removal vehicle with all of your belongings later to discover that when you unload at your new destination, many of your goods have been damaged in transit. That’s why packing everything well is the most important part of moving. There are two choices for packing items to be moved, the first is the option of doing it yourself and the second way is to hire a removal packing company who will take on the duty on your behalf. The preferred choice for many needing packing for private use is to do the job themselves, whilst those needing packing of commercial items tend to opt for using a packing company to complete the whole process.If you decide that you want to do your own packing, just follow these simple tips and you should be able to pack everything neatly without too much bother. First of all you should consider what type of packaging materials you will need. A good choice here is to collect as much bubble wrap as possible; a good strong sticky tape will also be required. Purchase some tough packing cartons from your local DIY shop and make sure that the corners are strong and not damaged. You can actually utilize some of your household items to help protect fragile items such as glass, televisions and ornaments. Bedding such as pillows and blankets and also clothing can provide excellent padding for all your breakable belongings which need that extra protection. An added benefit of doing this is that you are also packing your bedding and clothing rather than taking up more room by packing them separately.Using packing cartons or cardboard boxes has to be thought out before filling them. Consideration of what to put at the bottom of the box will be different to what goes on top. For example you would not want to pack easily broken items such as glass in the bottom of a box because they will not be able to stand much weight on top of them. Such items should be placed carefully at the top while less fragile stuff can populate the lower part. Breakable items such as glass are best wrapped in newspaper in case of it being broken. The newspaper will keep the glass contained so it can be safely disposed of later without it becoming mixed with all the other contents within the box. Whilst filling the boxes it may be helpful to keep checking the weight so that you don’t end up with a box that you cannot lift. Although it’s much easier to just gather everything and stuff it into boxes you must also think that when it comes to unpacking you will find it extremely hard if not impossible to know where to find things. That’s why it’s critical to label everything whilst packing. You will be pleasantly surprised how this will simplify everything when it comes to unpacking your belongings. Another tip is to add to the label which room the box should go in to. This will safe on time and energy and it will also allow you to free up room for the rest of the bits and pieces. Breakable items in a box should be clearly labeled in large letters so that it is obvious what is in there.It is always advisable to not over fill boxes, instead use more boxes with lighter loads and this will help you avoid tiring too soon.

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